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Homebuyer Education

"The First Step Towards Successful Homeownership"

Since the home purchase process can be costly and complex, THDA requires homebuyer education for all special mortgage programs (i.e.  Homeownership for the Brave) and mortgage loan programs that offer down payment assistance. We recognize its value, therefore, we encourage it for all consumers considering homeownership. The agency's purpose not only is to assist people with purchasing homes, but also to help them become long-term, successful homeowners.

Consumers, regardless of income, age or ethnicity, may be intimidated by the home buying process. In-depth education and training prepares consumers - emotionally and financially - for the commitment and investment of buying a home, generally the largest purchase they will ever make. 

Tennesseans interested in homeownership can find the names of certified trainers in their area by clicking on the homebuyer education trainers' list link or the homebuyer education calendar (simply click on the city name to view the agency name and registration information). Trainers should be contacted early in the home buying process. Early participation in a homebuyer education program can help consumers make sound decisions as they make plans for a successful home buying experience.  

Lenders may request online homeownership education and counseling for their THDA customers under very limited conditions, including the following:

  • Customer lives out-of-state and will not be in Tennessee until the date of their closing.
  • Customer lives more than an hour’s drive from an approved HBEI agency.
  • Customer is disabled and unable to participate in a classroom setting.
  • Customer has a minimum credit score of 720 and has ratios that do not exceed 45.

For more information on HBE Resources, please contact
Vicki George at 615-815-2085 or Jayna Johnson at
615-815-2019 or .