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Management & Occupancy Reviews

Program Compliance - Management and Occupancy Reviews (MORS) Section 8 Contract Administration

The Division of Program Compliance is responsible for conducting annual Management and Occupancy Reviews ("MORs") for each project assigned to THDA under the Annual Contributions Contract ("the ACC"). The review includes Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity ("FHEO") compliance and monitoring exigent health and safety issues resulting from REAC inspections.

The ACC requires that THDA perform MORs under a pre-approved schedule. Owners and their management agents are notified of the date and time of the review not less than two weeks prior to the MOR. Pre-inspection packages are mailed to the owner/managment agents for their return one week prior to the MOR for desk review. Form 9834 reports must be submitted to the owner within thirty (30) days of the issue date on the report. Extensions can be requested for owner responses.

The Division offers Compliance Training for owners, managers, and dedicated compliance staff of Project-Based Section 8 properties assigned to THDA for contracted monitoring. This training is offered several times per year in various locations in the state. Automated registration will be available when the training session dates and locations have been determined. 

For more information, please contact Gwen Coffey, Director of Program Compliance, at 615-815-2219.